ChartersArt is a retrospective online art exhibition with few changes since 2000

It was online from about 1995 to 2000

Returned September 2008 in memory of John Charters and Dan Mazzotti



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Dan Mazzotti (1925-2008)

Another collection of art by
Dan Mazzotti
is here


s6 LazyLionA3hardboardWater1.jpg (18993 bytes)

Mandla Mathibela
South Aftrica




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Christos Syrakos






Ange Quan

Adolf Westergerling



    Sam Bahri Logo

Persian Carpets by Sam Bahri
price rAnge US$80K-$350K



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Shona Art at IMBA

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Boby Markovic  

Kim Lyons Pottery





Production 1996-8 (revised 2012)
David Beale
52 Chaucer Way
Kalamunda 6076

phone +61 8 9293 1512

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antique silver

Nomad Antiques


Australian Aboriginal People








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